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Liberation: Transforming the System for All Youth

By Brenda V. Perez Amador (Changemaker, ND4Y) and Kathy Tran (Senior Policy Analyst, CLASP) The New Deal for Youth (ND4Y) Policy Platform advances radical and interconnected policy ideas that transform current systems and center racial, gender, and social justice. This blog is one in a four-part series that introduces the ND4Y framework: Reparations, Liberation, Decriminalization, and Abolition. A New Deal…

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Young Minds Matter: The Healing Future

This post was guest authored by Marissa Howdershelt, a fourth year student at University of California-Riverside, majoring in Public Policy with a minor in education. They are involved with New Deal for Youth Changemakers’ Healing and Well-being initiative. Marissa Howdershelt The New Deal for Youth Changemakers from the Healing and Well-being subcommittee were graciously invited to the Hogg Foundation…

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Beyond the Climate Crisis: The Journey to Environmental Justice

In August 2021, New Deal for Youth (ND4Y) Changemakers participated in a panel titled “Beyond the Climate Crisis: The Journey to Environmental Justice” for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy’s Emerging Leaders’ Summit. During the conversation, Changemakers Aniya Butler, Kaliko Kalahiki, and Marissa Howdershelt highlighted radical and holistic solutions that value our humanity and collective well-being over corporate greed.   ND4Y Changemakers believe…

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