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Our Strategies

Community Building

With 45 Changemakers across the nation in a virtual setting, Changemakers initiated creating a community building group to build relationships with one another and foster a sense of community within a ND4Y. The community building group will build relationships through workshops, movie nights, arts and crafts, and other virtual and in-person activities. Stay tuned for more fun, engaging, and community-oriented snapshots of Changemakers and their bonding activities!


The Evaluation Strategy group is partnering with Praxis Institute to move through a year-long research cycle to evaluate the impact of ND4Y and inform future ND4Y strategies. This group will systematically document the ND4Y initiative’s impact using a youth participatory action research (YPAR) approach. This group of Changemaker researchers will lead and drive the research process and share their findings in the community in the near future.

Federal Administrative Advocacy

Through Federal Administrative Advocacy, A ND4Y will be fighting for the Biden Harris Administration and federal agencies to make changes. This includes meetings with leadership at key agencies, commenting on proposed regulations, requesting guidance, making recommendations for implementation, and identifying opportunities to make meaningful changes through executive orders or secretarial authority. We anticipate that this work might include cross-agency meetings, providing feedback to agencies, or sharing proposals with the White House Domestic Policy Council and the Office of Public Engagement.

Federal Legislative Advocacy

Through Federal Legislative Advocacy, A ND4Y will be fighting for Congress to pass laws. This includes review and support of existing legislative proposals and drafting new legislation as appropriate to turn the demands into comprehensive legislative text. Additionally, a ND4Y will be educating members and building Champions on Capitol Hill, legislative scorecards assessing legislation against Changemaker impact criteria, briefings, and potential testimony.

Grassroots and Organizing

Through Grassroots and Organizing, a ND4Y will be asking other young people and the general public to take action in support of the agenda. This might include advocacy tools like sign-on letters and strategy sessions with other youth leaders. This might also include a major event such as a march or a White House Summit. The goal of this strategy is to build power with other young people and to demonstrate the groundswell of support for the proposed agenda.

ND4Y in the ATL

Public Awareness

Through Public Awareness, a ND4Y will be informing and persuading other young people and the general public about issues or to take action. Key to this strategy includes identifying and leveraging influence platforms, amplifiers, industry and intellectual thought leaders to communicate messages and ideas. Further disseminating their words through podcasts and social media can have the attention of people of all ages, providing a platform to demystify policy and move pertinent issues forward, and shift narratives.
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