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About A New Deal for Youth

A New Deal for Youth is a youth-led, youth-centered effort advocating for the creation of new systems, policies, investments, and structures that reimagine life for young people in America.

ND4Y's DC Week of Action

What's Poppin'

Young Leaders Call on Biden Administration, Congress to Support A New Deal for Youth, Counter COVID Impacts on America’s Young Adults
Inspired by FDR’s New Deal, Policy Effort Focuses on Youth-Led and Youth-Centered Solutions to Address Challenges Exacerbated by the Coronavirus…
Young Leaders Call for Passage of American Rescue Plan, Urge Electeds to do More for Young People in America
March 4, 2021, WASHINGTON, DC - Today, young leaders at the helm of A New Deal for Youth (ND4Y) released…
Public Policy Was Already Failing Young People—Pandemic Is Making it Worse
Our nation is at a crossroads. We are in the midst of a global pandemic and an economic recession. Since…

issue areas

Economic Justice and Opportunity

We envision a world where the economy is designed to uplift all young people.
Economic Justice and Opportunity

Healing and Well-Being

We envision a world where young people have the opportunity to heal, develop, and are positioned to thrive.

Justice and Safe Communities

We must re-envision what safety and justice is with abolition of oppressive systems at the center.

Environmental Justice

Environmental justice is an intersectional issue area, dealing with social, racial, and economic inequities, revealing the need to work towards the just distribution of decision-making and resources to foster authentic community-oriented solutions.

Immigration Justice

Immigration justice means the collective liberation of immigrants and all people, dismantling systems of oppression, and ensuring access to basic human rights.

Democracy and Civic Engagement

In A New Deal for Youth, Democracy and Civic Engagement means authentically engaging youth and recognizing our power by centering our voices.

Meet the Changemakers

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