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Liberation: Transforming the System for All Youth
By Brenda V. Perez Amador (Changemaker, ND4Y) and Kathy Tran (Senior Policy Analyst, CLASP) The New Deal for Youth (ND4Y) Policy Platform advances radical and interconnected policy ideas that transform current systems and center racial, gender, and social justice. This blog is one in a four-part series that introduces the ND4Y framework: Reparations, Liberation, Decriminalization, and Abolition. A New Deal…
Build Back Better Act Letter of Support
On behalf of the Center for Law and Social Policy’s New Deal for Youth initiative (ND4Y), we would like to express our support for the Build Back Better Act.
What Do Voters Really Want?: The Special Report
There has been so much talk about the upcoming midterm elections, and even the Presidential race in 2024. But the real question is: what do voters really want?
National Council for Mental Wellbeing Conference
Changemaker Kadesha Mitchell and Dr. Nia Best-Wey, CLASP’s director of youth policy, presented the ND4Y Healing and Wellbeing Demands at the National Council for Mental Wellbeing Conference. Check out their digital poster and read the Solutions Guide with tips on taking better care of your mental health here.

Our Vision. Our Demands.

Watch the event here!