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Joseph Yusuf plays basketball with his daughter, Jakayla Morton, 11, in Alexandria, Va., on March 29. Keren Carrión/NPR
Parents are struggling with high prices this year. It may shape how they vote
Joseph Yusuf plays basketball with his daughter, Jakayla Morton, 11, in Alexandria, Va., on March 29.Keren Carrión/NPR Any parent will tell you it's the hardest job, and many say it's gotten more difficult because everyday expenses have increased in recent years. Joseph Yusuf of Washington, D.C., is one of them. He spends every afternoon with his 11-year-old…
A New Deal for Youth Endorses the Young Adult Tax Credit Act
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEContact: Chloe Dewberry, (248)376-7657, [email protected] Congressman Morgan McGarvey (KY-03) and Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman (NJ-12) Introduced the Legislation, Which Creates a Universal $500 Monthly Payment for All 18 – 24-Year-Olds in the U.S. March 6, 2024, WASHINGTON, D.C.—Youth activists from A New Deal for Youth, an initiative supported by the Center for Law…
Two New Guaranteed Income Bills Bring Different Strategies to Reducing Young Adult Poverty
The COVID-19 pandemic changed the lives of many people across the globe, and its emotional, mental, and financial effects continue to reverberate. The pandemic also demonstrated the power of lawmakers to make a positive impact: Material hardship dropped after the passage of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, due to the federal government investing in…
Liberation: Transforming the System for All Youth
By Brenda V. Perez Amador (Changemaker, ND4Y) and Kathy Tran (Senior Policy Analyst, CLASP) The New Deal for Youth (ND4Y) Policy Platform advances radical and interconnected policy ideas that transform current systems and center racial, gender, and social justice. This blog is one in a four-part series that introduces the ND4Y framework: Reparations, Liberation, Decriminalization, and Abolition. A New Deal…
Build Back Better Act Letter of Support
On behalf of the Center for Law and Social Policy’s New Deal for Youth initiative (ND4Y), we would like to express our support for the Build Back Better Act.

Our Vision. Our Demands.

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