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Legislative Action

H.R.1 – For the People Act of 2021

As we uplift our democracy and civic engagement demands, Changemakers scored the #forthepeopleact that would address voter access, campaign finance, ethics and election security. Although this bill scored relatively low based on our criteria, we recognize the urgency to pass this legislation now to protect our democracy. Read Press Release 3.3/10 High Impact Question:Yes/NoWhy?Does it shift…

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Counseling Not Criminalization In Schools Act

The Counseling Not Criminalization in Schools Act was recently reintroduced in Congress by Rep. @ayannapressley, Sen. @chrismurphyct, Sen. @elizabethwarren, Rep. @ilhanmn, Rep. @jamaalbowmanny and Sen. @tinasmithmn. The legislation would provide schools resources to hire counselors and mental health professionals instead of police and would advance our demands for healing and well-being. Our #NewDealforYouth changemakers used…

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Connecting Youth to Jobs Act of 2021

The Connecting Youth to Jobs Act introduced by @repchuygarcia and @repmarcykaptur would directly connect young people to employment opportunities and support services, prioritizing young people who have been most historically excluded. Our #newdealforyouth changemakers scored this bill that would advance economic justice and opportunity for young people. Congress must include this legislation in the economic…

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American Rescue Plan

Changemakers rated the American Rescue Plan a 4.4 out of 10, noting that the bill does not include long-term provisions that will allow young people to thrive, that it omits undocumented communities, and that young people’s needs were not centered in the bill’s priorities. We look forward to working with the #BidenAdministration and members of Congress…

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