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Demands Sign Ons

Abigail Dym, Alejandra Gomez, Alexandra Gomez, Alma Quiroz, Alycia Hardy, Brooke Byrne, Calista Scott, Cassie Cotter, Choice Interlinking Inc. – Alliance, Celeste Iroha, Claire V. Suggs, COLAGE, Conor Kalahiki, Corridor Community Action Network, Duy Pham, Global Business Coalition for Education, Goodkids Madcity Englewood, Homeless Advocacy Project, I.e. communications, Jacquelyn Sullivan, Jaelen King, Jamiel Alexander, Joseph Yusuf, Joshua Morris, JT Mullins, Justin Truong, Karen Dolan, Kaylyn Goode, Margaret Bell, Melissa Lugo, Morgan Dewey, National Resource Center on Domestic Violence, National Youth Employment Coalition, NeuroDiverse UT, Nia West-Bey, Rebecca Goldberg, Renae Erichsen-Teal, Samantha Palermo, Samuel Lopez, Sarah Jane Brubaker, Schools not Jails, Shannell Ciruso, Shannon Mitchell, Sheila Cruz, Sophia Rerucha, Stella BooydeGraaff, Stephanie Welch, Storee Powell, Student Clinic for Immigrant Justice, Taylor White, Tinita Holliday, Tonya Wright, Vanessa Meraz, Whitney Bunts, Women’s Equity Center and Action Network, Yali Lincroft, Young Ecosocialist, Youth Jobs Connect LLC